My Current Gear List

My gear is ever changing, but this is my current group of gear, whether for the JMT or for a weekend hike. 


In the pack
REI Flash 62 pack 3 lb 1 oz
Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt      14 oz
Exped sleeping pad 1 lb  .4 oz
STS inflatable Pillow 2.4 oz
Western Mountaineering down coat 13.5 oz
Golite rain coat 12.5 oz
MLD rain pants 1.7 oz
900 ml Snowpeak pot and TrailDesigns Sidewinder cone and stove, salt and pepper, bic lighter, 9 oz
Suntastics solar panel 7.2 oz
Ankar 6700 ma battery 4.8 oz
REI Flexlite camp chair 1 lb 12.9 oz
Petzl eLite headlamp 0.9
Vivo Barefoot camp shoes 12.9 oz
stuff sac with dry bag closure 3.2 oz
Cup, bowl, spoon 5.7 oz
Golite wool hat 1.8 oz
Aqua mira water treatment 3.2 oz
iphone 6 and charging cable 7 oz
Extra pair underwear 2.4 oz
Extra 2 pair socks 7.4 oz
Long underwear for sleeping 1 lb 5.2 oz
Light gloves 1.5 oz
2 oz bug juice 2 oz
2 oz sun block 2 oz
Chap stick 40 spf 0.4 oz
Nylon cord 1.1 oz
Mosquito head net 0.8 oz
Pack cover 3.9 oz
Portable bidet 2.1 oz
Extra bic lighters 1.4
Compass 1.7 oz
Sony extra lens 16-50mm 4.7
2 spare camera batteries 3 oz
Toiletries: Wet wipes, camp soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, earplugs, nail trimmers, sanding board, hand sanitizer, face cloth 5.5oz
First aid: scissors, tweezers, bandaids, moleskin, 4×4 pads, tape, ace bandage, Advil, motrin, needle 5 oz
Repair stuff: air mattress repair kit, ripstop nylon repair tape, duct tape 1.9
Total base weight: 17 lb 8 oz
 I could reduce this by
Worn or Carried
Nylon zip off pants
Long sleeve nylon shirt
1 pr socks
Columbia hat with neck cover
Webbing belt
GorillaPod  camera tripod   8 oz
Handkerchief 1.3 oz
Lockback knife
1 pair underwear
Sony a6000 camera plus 10-18mm lens 1 lb 5 oz
Group stuff to be split
MoTro tent ( 2 lb 4 oz
Katadyn gravity filter 8.7 oz
 Optional: Bearicade Bear Canister  2 lb 2 oz

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